Subscription Model

Posted by Cabeza2000 
Subscription Model
October 31, 2013 03:44AM

I am a casual at POE so the few build I ever had always failed. I was browsing for some build to try and wanted to save them for future review. I could just bookmark some builds or I could register and see if there is some feature for this... Which I did... Browsing a little more I find out that I need Premium for this feature.. Ok, np, let's see what is all about...
At first glance I saw that it cost 5 bucks and I already told to myself... Sure, np, let's put 5 bucks for a desired feature and support the site development... 30 secs later I get that is a subscription model...

With all my respect to the site developers, we are talking about a site that provide some nice added value to a F2P game, and you want to charge $60 bucks per year? Meaning the price of an AAA title? Is not it a little too expensive?

Do not get me wrong, you guys do with your site what you want, but I believe the pricing is just ridiculous.... I can see myself paying an annual subscription for a site like yours for $10 or $12 bucks (without automatic renewal)... but more than that just does not make any sense.

Anyway, good luck with the site.

Re: Subscription Model
October 31, 2013 05:23AM
I agree that not enough is offered to merit a subscription model now. I am working on something that might make it worth your while though, so check back soon smiling smiley
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