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Not sure if that node is additive or multiplicative? Wondering if Incinerate can crit? Discuss Path of Exile game mechanics here. 
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PoE builds

by Nieviado
283110/25/2018 03:29AM
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Scion dual-wield / tank build

by postnihilist
2,097112/01/2013 02:13PM
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Some questions summoner build.

by Herniaboy
2,135211/12/2013 04:17AM
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Incinerate and casting speed

by argo
5,000303/21/2013 01:31PM
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Cyclone and critting

by argo
7,054303/21/2013 06:46AM
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Arctic Armor and Blood Magic don't work together

by Forex
3,214203/21/2013 04:19AM
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