Shadow Energy-Shield Leech (Never used by me) (Shadow)

Submitted by Rafaelbp on January 5, 2015 - 1:10PM CST
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Same objective of the life-leech one, but based on energy shield (I don't know if I'm doing a build that sucks, but suddenly I thought what if I stole and depended of energy shield instead of life?) I'm a begginer, so probably there are some mistakes

Suggested Leagues: Standard

Passive Skills

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Main skill (actually, the only one that I could think of)


Attacks a small area in front of you. Each consecutive Reave that hits an enemy increases the area of effect. The area is reset after a short period without hitting anything. Only works with daggers, claws, and one handed swords.


Scape skill

Whirling Blades

Dive through enemies, dealing weapon damage. Only works with daggers, claws and one handed swords.

Whirling Blades

Single Target (I couldn\'t think of any other)

Dual Strike

Attacks with both weapons, dealing the damage of both in one strike. Dual wield only. Does not work with wands.

Dual Strike


Kill all the bandits in Normal Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point
Kill all the bandits in Cruel Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point
Kill all the bandits in Merciless Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point


Mainly claws, since they give life-leech, wich is converted to energy shield leech int his build, which is really important to you to survive.


I think they should give us a bigger place to descriptions, but as they don't, I will write down here a couple of things about the build:

I'm not sure if it's good, because I didn't play with it and since I am a begginer, as I sad before, I don't really know how strong an energy shield can get, so I may have overestimated it.

The idea is basically to fight big groups of enemies, hitting them all, to recover the energy shield faster, using any multiple-targets skill, like reave. I put reave because I really like this skill, and I put whirling blades so you can run when it's time for that.

Please comment for hints, or just to say that the build isn't good at all, because I want to learn more about this game. If you know a lot about energy shield, please comment a lonk about it or whatever that may help me to understand.

Thank you to read until here.


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Looks like it should be okay, but try using Essentia Sanguis Eye Gouger to free up a point in Ghost Reaver later on and I would definitely not do CI too soon either until you have better end game gear. Let me know if you've tried this build so far and how it's working out for you, the build I'm doing is primarily a high crit-es build with daggers.
6 years ago
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Forgot to mention you actually did remind me to put points into Foresight, a slight oversight on my behalf.
6 years ago

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