Necromancer (Witch)

Submitted by mac2monster on October 27, 2014 - 6:21PM CDT
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Pet based witch with open damage type

Suggested Leagues: Standard, Hardcore, Ambush, Invasion

Passive Skills

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Gem Set #1

Raise Zombie

Raises a zombie minion from a corpse, which will follow you and attack enemies.

Raise Zombie

Gem Set #2

Summon Raging Spirit

Summons a short-lived flaming skull that rushes at nearby enemies and attacks them rapidly. Enemies cannot directly engage these spirits and can pass through them.

Summon Raging Spirit

Gem Set #3

Summon Skeletons

Summons slow moving skeletal minions that decay over time. Does not require a corpse to be consumed.

Summon Skeletons

Gem Set #4

Raise Spectre

Raises a spectral version of a defeated foe as a minion to fight for you in battle.

Raise Spectre

Gem Set #5

Bone Offering

Consumes a corpse, temporarily granting all of your minions the power to block both attacks and spells. The skill consumes other nearby corpses, increasing the duration for each corpse consumed.

Bone Offering


Kill all the bandits in Normal Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point
Kill all the bandits in Cruel Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point
Kill all the bandits in Merciless Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point


Just a new witch build I am trying out for fun and updating as I go.


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