In a game style that relies on self-created lore and gamers sewing the fabric of their footy universe

Posted by wangyue36612 
History. Wouldn't it be wonderful to fire FIFA 23, launch in Career Mode, spend half FUT 23 Coins an hour developing a new supervisor (that new suite is admittedly very swish) and then decide just how much credibility they have? Football Manager lovers will know all about this; at that series, it is entirely possible to make a Sunday League stalwart who's lucky to be in the job or a global celebrity who has won every thing before hitting the dugout.

In a game style that relies on self-created lore and gamers sewing the fabric of their footy universe, this kind of thing is vital. It's entirely lost in FIFA, and that's a shame. It would be good to see the media respond accordingly based on the type of expertise your gaffer has too.Those storylines could even extend to the playing team or elsewhere at the game world.Remember that span in 2016 when everyone and their dog became a Leicester City fan? People from all over the world could not resist the romance. Here was a minnow, who had escaped relegation the season before, being crowned champions of England. It was magical, and it is exactly the type of thing football fans live for.

It would be fascinating if there were storylines both good and bad as well. Imagine if the Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund decided he had had enough of the Bundesliga and desired a return to the Premier League? That is a storyline, not somebody randomly buy FIFA 23 Coins. Stories need a little more length, a little more oomph, and they need to become facets of the Career Mode experience.

The Master League of konami isn't perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. Can anybody say the exact same for FIFA's disastrous revamp of Career Mode? Feast the eyes of thine on the screenshot above. It's one which pops up before launch a Master League effort in PES 2020, and it allows for more customisation than previously. Gamers can opt to limit how often their opponents trade players, they can pick how hard their own discussions are and more. It's wonderfully liberating to have such choice.
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