2K Sports must address the issue of contracts' value

Posted by wfuuopy 
2K Sports must address the issue of contracts' value
September 02, 2021 09:34PM
MyLeague Contract Values - I love MyLeague. I am intrigued by the thought of Nba 2k22 Mt making a dynasty of players and dominating the league. It's rewarding when a player that was drafted by you becomes an integral part of your team's journey to the NBA championship.

But, MyLeague does have a problem with the contracts expected by players who are young. This issue can arise when a player is at least four or five years into the simulation. The young players drafted in 2021 or 2022 are looking for to earn the maximum amount even if the player has only played for twelve minutes each night. It is a game changer to expect a salary. It's difficult to make decisions through free agency or in the market for trade if a role player is making a stupid amount of money.

Exchange the player for pennies per dollar to escape the confines of a salary cap. This temporary relief is not forever as it will be followed by another season with young players. 2K Sports must address the issue of contracts' value. I am a strong belief in the need to incorporate more criteria into the mechanics of expectations in contracts. A young player should expect to be treated with respect by their team.

A blatant and annoying promotion of goods - 2K Sports earn a lot from sponsorship deals with businesses like Gatorade or Beats. To some degree your enjoyment in the sport is enhanced by the presence of actual companies. The ads have become quite frustrating in recent years.

NBA 2K20 was a classic illustration of corporate influence that diluted the product. Companies were able create advertisements for the event, which was an event that must not be missed. Gatorade and Beats were everywhere throughout the game and pushed at every opportunity. It became annoying. The passive ads are fine in my Neighbourhood. However I strongly disapprove of the pressure of advertising onto the player. I would like to buy mt nba 2k22 have these cutscenes as well as spots eliminated from NBA 2K21.
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