Madden NFL 22 Guide: Tips to Attack and Defense

Posted by Bestmengqin 
Madden NFL 22 Guide: Tips to Attack and Defense
November 12, 2021 01:52PM
While Madden NFL 22's AI could be more difficult this year, the same tactics apply to Mut 22 coins defense as well as offense. It's vital to be aware of any opponents seeking to flank you or execute long passing plays. This can be accomplished by paying close attention to the softsquats and hard flats (with the cloud flats covering everything else).

In many instances, there will be man-to-man or 1v1 battles occurring. Being able to defend yourself when faced with these situations is the most important factor to win. For the best defense, Press Triangle or Y once the round begins. You can press either to open up additional options. Then, you'll have the option of choosing the defensive players to face every attacker.

Another helpful trick is shade coverage . To do this, simply click Y/Triangle and then point the right stick towards an area of the field. This lets you defend in 1v1 situations. The proper flicks are the best for protecting the exterior while left flicks are great for protecting the inside. Top flicks, as the name indicates offering shade coverage in the areas with the most shade, while moving down will cover the areas below.

In order to plan your attack, you need to be aware of all ways your opponent will move towards them. Be aware of the receivers' positions and the locations they are able to be. Corner routes can still be effective methods, but you should avoid using them too heavily. Consider different ways of playing and mix your play.

You may be tempted for you to make an effort to cover the most coverage of your yard possible , by trying to hit the attack with your quarterback. It can also lead to more interceptions (and result in you becoming predictable). By sticking to buy Madden 22 coins different approaches and mixing things up will ensure success in the long term. For a competitive edge, you can try different offensive strategies. For more details on the best playbooks, look up our guide here.
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