Experience Tracker

NOTE: This software will not be updated until further notice. It does not currently work.

Our Experience Tracker is a downloadable, open source application which allows you to track your character's experience points gained per hour. It uses this information to also approximate how long it will take for your character to reach the next level, and also includes a timer to show how long you have been playing Path of Exile each session.



To use this program, simply log in to Path of Exile and choose your character. Then, run ExpTracker.exe. An overlay should appear at the top of your screen containing some information about your character such as its current level and experience points. If you wish to configure the program, you must first exit the Experience Tracker (default hotkey to do this is F4, or you can exit by right-clicking the icon in your system tray near your clock) then open up ExpTrackerConfig.ini in Notepad.

Default Hotkeys:


You can either download the compiled version of this program (by clicking "Download Main Program" - must people will want to choose this option) or the source code (by clicking "Download Source Code" - this is mostly for advanced users). The program is written in AutoIt. You are free to modify it to suit your needs, but please do not distribute it to other people.

Important: If the program does not work for you, it's probably because Path of Exile has received a patch. We are normally very fast about updating this software, so please check the news/blog for details on when an update has been released.