NBA 2k22 attempts truly to leave from the dull interactivity (Duelist)

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Suggested Leagues: Standard

Passive Skills

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Gem Set #1

Gem Set #2

Gem Set #3


Kill all the bandits in Normal Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point
Kill all the bandits in Cruel Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point
Kill all the bandits in Merciless Difficulty - Rewards 1 Passive Skill Point


The quantity of product placements in NBA 2K has always been massive NBA MT Coins, and the 2K22 edition has many of them that are hilarious sometimes. However, this makes it seem more and akin to the present day league. Professional sports are brimming with games that are telecast by one company.

Half-time shows that are sponsored by another company, and post-game broadcasts hosted by a completely different organization. It's weird and off-brand to feature an NBA video game featuring the same format, however it would still be better without.

The majority of the enhancements to the court and off-court actions within NBA 2K22 make for great enjoyment and replayability, particularly the new seasonal quest features which provide players with plenty of incentive to engage in different modes, especially head-tohead matches.

The main drawback is enormity of the two hubs. They both The City on current-gen and The Neighborhood (a gigantic cruise ship) on previous-gen are packed with things to do. Yet, the activities are also spread across an excessively large expanse.

However, with skateboards or bikes it is likely that players will spend all of their time exploring The City as they do playing basketball. Even though the two hubs are attractive and are aesthetically pleasing 2K22 MT Buy, they still feel like some kind of waste of time.


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